Information on financial assistance opportunities

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Information on financial assistance opportunities – Foreign Students


As scholarship holders, our students enjoy an array of opportunities such as:

  • A monthly allowance (100 Cuban pesos)

  • Primary and specialized medical assistance
  • A monthly personal hygiene module
  • Free access to e-mail
  • Cleaners-laundry service

EIEFD is a Cuban Government project, targeted at low income young people to train as professionals in Physical Education and Sports.  They will receive, free of charge, all basic assistance such as: accommodations, food, complete academic training, primary and specialized health care, cleaners, laundry, as well as 100 Cuban pesos as a monthly allowance.

The enrollment is carried out through the Scholarship Granting Program implemented by the Cuban Foreign Office.


  • Young persons of up to 25 years of age
  • Graduates of Senior High School or its equivalent
  • Physically and mentally fit persons
  • Persons not carrying infectious diseases
  • Non-pregnant women
  • Having passed the Physical Technical Tests
  • Having all the documentation appropriately legalized by the Ministry of Education and the Foreign Office of the country of origin, and by the Cuban Diplomatic representation.  If this representation does not exist, it should be done through a third country with a Cuban representation.
  • 10 photos size 3 cm x 3 cm

Mission of the EIEFD

“To train professionals having human solidarity as their essential value, and who are able to transform Physical Education and Sports in their countries of origin.”

Vision of the EIEFD

The EIEFD is a world reference university for the training of professionals in the field of Physical Education and Sports.

Professional training

With an eminently pedagogic approach, focused on the training of professors in Physical Education and Sports, Spanish speaking students take the 5 year course for their degree in Physical Education and Sports, while the non-Spanish speakers do so in 6 years, which include the preparatory course in Spanish Language.

The students return with a university degree in Physical Education and Sports after having defended their Graduation Thesis. Their main fields of practice will be in Physical Education and Sports, and they will have acquired knowledge and skills for Recreation and Physical Rehabilitation.

The curriculum contains general education disciplines and subjects, and professional practice.

Work Research Practice is one of the strengths in the training of our students. They are able to get in contact with their future profession as soon as they start their studies.  Primary and secondary schools, as well as special schools, grand parents’ circles, therapeutic gymnasiums, schools and sports areas become the settings where future graduates will acquire and test their professional skills; this is all done under the supervision of professors, trainers and specialists from these centers.

Outside the teachings scope

The extracurricular activities also have an important function in this center. Hence, the University Extension Administration designs and implements a program that will, through sports and recreational and cultural activities, foster and strengthen in each one of the students their humanistic education and the defense of their cultural identity.

Looking after the students

The International Relations Administration does not only take care of migrational issues and traveling arrangements for the students, but it is also in charge of establishing links with the diplomatic missions of the countries to which the students enrolled in the School belong, as well as with the institutions in their respective countries, and with their parents and relatives, which help them to better understand how these young persons progress at our institution.

On the other hand, this Administration also works in establishing the relationships with university centers in other countries so as to favor an appropriate academic and professional international exchange, as well as attending and coordinating the activities of international nature that take place within the center.

Contacts in Cuba

International Relations Director

Felix A. Drake Alfonso, BA.

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Phone: 53 047 86 1292


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